Effiji Breath Technique is offered for the sole purpose to awaken your True Self.

Effiji is designed for anyone, at any level of development, to experience first hand, the first time, the power and beauty of your soul.



Boston year-long programs beginning 10/17

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3 day Immersion in California 11/17

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"The year-long intensive was truly an intensive transformational experience. I am executive coach and I’ve done a lot of personal work over the years and was ready for my next big development step. This exceeded all my expectations and was the most powerful development experience I’ve ever had.

The breath work creates an opening to go below your mind and access your deepest self.And Elijah created an incredibly safe space and provided magnificent guidance all along the way.I explored, experimented and encountered important truths for me.Things are really shifting in my relationship with myself, my husband and my world – all for the better!

I am so appreciative to Elijah for helping me see what is true for me, to Perla for helping me open up in my body and for the group for their deep support."

-Carol Salloway, Arlington, MA.


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