You can access Elijah's healing work here

Elijah began his journey into helping and healing in 1990 in Canada when an Osho Sanyassin shared an Indian Breath Technique with him. After spending ten years giving over 2000 sessions and working for his teacher the Effiji Breath Technique was born.

Elijah has spent his entire adult life working only as a guide and helper to people on their path to awakening. His discoveries and experiences led him to turn Effiji into a complete system of healing that he uses currently in his programs.

He has facilitated more than 14,000 private healing sessions as well as thousands of group and private breathwork events which led to the creation of the Effiji Breath Technique in 2001.

In 2006, Elijah began to channel a healing message that went beyond his training and studies which became the foundation for his current work and the book “What’s in your Roots”.

Elijah acknowledges his longest teacher-student relationship of over 20 years with Tai Chi Master George Xu. He has travelled to China more than ten times, studying the language, culture and healing practices with many different masters.

His deep love for music and recording led him to compose and record six volumes of compositions specifically for Effiji Breath available here and iTunes.




  • Expect the unexpected. Nisenboim is one of the most talented intuitives I’ve met. He brings a startling combination of honesty and compassion to his work. At first his insightfulness and clarity of expression unnerved me but I soon learned that my trust in him was well placed. I really appreciated his directness which made the work progress efficiently and smoothly—no games, no beating around the bush. And yet I always felt cared for and emotionally “safe.” Nisenboim’s own emotional energy seems very balanced—no complicated needs nor burdensome projections—the mark of a true healer. He cleared a space for me to breath again (as if for the first time), express myself as openly as possible, come to know myself better, and understand my unique perspective on the world. My life circumstances changed for the better in a short period of time because of a sea change within. Thank you dear Elijah. Christine SChicago, IL
  • It’s been the catalyst for many “pieces of the puzzle” to literally fall into place. My direction is definitely more clear. Thank you so much for this wonderful help! - JS  San Rafael CA
  • Elijah is gentle, honest, professional and his sense of humor helped me feel comfortable and safe to discuss intimate topics and expose my vulnerability… where the work really needed to be done. I feel happier, grounded, clearer and more trusting and with more love and energy then before working with you. I have learned so many things about myself and appreciate you teaching me some of the tools I will need in my life’s future challenges. - EB Durango CO
  • In 44 years no teacher, healer or Councillor helped me to get to know myself better than Elijah. His work has put me light years ahead of where I thought I could have gotten -Tara D Fairfax CA
  • Elijah and his work mean a lot to me. It has deeply changed my life over the last year. He is a gift to all that are lucky enough to have him in their lives. - J.L. Boulder CO
  • I had struggled for 25 years with driving over bridges alone. I lived with intense panic attacks. Over the years, I have sought out many healing techniques to overcome and deal with fear. Being in the Bay Area surrounded by bridges, I felt trapped.  My company just recently moved to Richmond and I live in Fairfax. Since finding out about our move I wondered if I needed to find a new job.  In my work with Elijah I have conquered this fear. I now drive 2 times a day over a bridge with a sense of true “freedom and accomplishment. In fact, going over the bridge in the morning and my return from work are the “best” part of my day. I never thought that my biggest fear would because my greatest joy. Every time I am on the bridge I feel powerful and grateful.  I am so thankful for Elijah coming into my life at this time and working with me to relieve this”old” pattern. – Ginny K Fairfax CA