free your mind

open your heart

clear trauma

release negative patterns

feel your feelings

free your mind

open your heart

clear trauma

release negative patterns

feel your feelings

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what is effiji breath?

Effiji Breath is a breathwork technique, a philosophy and a complete system for personal and spiritual development. To say it plainly, this is your school for self awareness.

  • Effiji Breathwork helps to release and excavate the energy systems of the body
  • Our programs super-charge your intuition and build a process for living fully inside your life purpose
  • We are an eco-system; a complex network of humans creating unique environments for individuals and communities to heal

What the breathers say...

How To Do Inner Work and Not Blow Yourself Up or Run Away - August 13 8pm EST

How to do inner work and not

blow yourself up

or run away

august 13, 2020 · 8pm EST

Elijah Nisenboim, founder of Effiji Breath, will define what it means to do ‘inner work’, avoid the trappings of self-sabotage and how to stay tethered to your personal process even when you feel like there’s no chance for change. 

a memoir.
a manual.
a mantra.

  • Elijah takes you on a personal journey of learning, suffering and exponential transformation. This book is 134 pages packed with lessons to live by, advice to integrate, and hope for liberation. 

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elijah nisenboim

founder of effiji breath

Elijah has been working with people their path of personal consciousness work for more than 30 years. His program combines a lifetime of study and practice with many masters in breathwork, healing, music, Sufism, and Tai Chi. He has a unique method for guiding people to support their exponential evolution using Effiji breathwork, energetic movement and spiritual practice. As the founder of Effiji, he travels extensively offering deep immersion and training in his method. He currently has eleven volumes of music created specifically for Effiji Breath which can be found on all streaming services. He is also the author of What’s In Your Roots; Making the Unconscious Conscious. He resides in Northern California.

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