Using BREATH as a means to awaken higher consciousness and heal the body is the most ancient of all spiritual practices and whose origins can be traced back at least 5000 years to India. BREATH is the bridge between the body and Soul and between the conscious and the unconscious. The act of breathing IN is a process of going inside and taking in life. Whereas the act of breathing OUT connects us to the outer world. Since breathing can be an unconscious or automatic act or a conscious and deliberate act, it is the very metaphor for how we choose to live.

Unlike other breath practices, EFFIJI BREATHWORK is not a new age, subtle practice, or only available to “spiritual” people who have had previous experience with spiritual practice. It can be done by the experienced and inexperienced, young and old - anyone who is willing to encounter the deeper hidden parts of themselves that are found along the way toward fulfilling our life's purpose.


Within one minute of doing it you will transport to another world within yourself, just as real as the one you’re in right now. A world, however, you were unaware of before you began the practice. It's sole purpose is no less than to awaken you to your true Self and to re-pattern your body, heart and mind to be in alignment with that Self.

Any imbalance physically, emotionally, and mentally is a reflection of unprocessed experiences in the form of patterns out of alignment with the natural order that creates health in body, mind and heart. Before getting to the deepest layers of healing, these patterns need to be broken up. They are the patterns that arise from trauma and conditioning. They show up in our life as false beliefs, unproductive attitudes, behaviors and defense mechanisms.

EFFIJI BREATHWORK is a developmental process to releasing the layers of these unhealthy patterns toward healing core wounds that keep a persons life stuck in repetitive unfulfilling cycles. BreathWork has been known to help with any and all diseases of the body and mind. While the Effiji Breath Technique does not diagnose or cure any disease, we have anecdotal evidence of healing migraine headaches, arthritis, chronic fatigues syndrome and many phobias and fears. It helps clear unprocessed grief, sadness and anger.



‘Dis’ease is the condition of the body when it retains anxiety, fear or other patterned processes that do not serve our highest good. EFFIJI BREATHWORK assists us in releasing these emotional or physical symptoms and unproductive behavior patterns; and allows us to work through physical illness by exploring the internal problems associated with the illness.


Many people have reported help with physical conditions such as migraine headaches, arthritis, Epstein Barr and asthma. In addition, since bacteria and viruses are anaerobic, using the breath, in a directed and intensive way, appears to help chronic colds, infections and other inflammations in the body.


EFFIJI BREATHWORK provides a safe and supportive environment to transform and re-pattern emotional states such as rage, depression and hopelessness. It is a tool to help deal with loss, grieving, post-partum depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.


By getting the mind to focus on this powerful technique; patterns, traumas and defense mechanisms that have been buried deep in the unconscious will come forward for release, re-circulation and re-patterning into healthy and productive cells. With the help and support of certified Effiji Breath Facilitators, the process becomes a safe and supportive environment for change.

In 1990 an Osho Sanyassin shared an Indian Breath Technique with him. After spending ten years giving over 2000 sessions and working for his teacher, the Effiji Breath Technique was born.

Elijah has spent his entire adult life working fulltime as a guide and helper to people on their path to awakening. His discoveries and experiences led him to turn EFFIJI BREATHWORK into a complete system of healing that is used currently in all Effiji training programs.

In 2006, Elijah began to channel a healing message that went beyond his training and studies which became the foundation for his current work and the book “What’s in your Roots? Making the Unconscious Conscious”.

Elijah acknowledges his longest teacher-student relationship of over 20 years with Tai Chi Master George Xu. He has travelled to China more than ten times, studying the language, culture and healing practices with many different masters. And, has studied North Indian Classical Music with esteemed composer Terry Riley. 

His deep love for music and recording not only led him to compose and record over nine volumes of compositions specifically for EFFIJI BREATHWORK, but to virtually create an entire GENRE of music specifically around BreathWork. All volumes are available on the Effiji Breath website, iTunes, and Spotify.






My quest is for authentic self expression. My work is for creating fuller awareness. Through facilitation, I lovingly and intuitively guide you through the Effiji Breath experience. I’ve spent 6 years in deep study of EFFIJI BREATHWORK, personally and professionally, and have emerged as a healer of the body and soul.


My training as an actor made me curious about other people and the inner working of their lives, and now, my work not only keeps me curious, but allows me to facilitate growth and healing. I am able to uncover one’s faulty filtration systems that rules our lives and to assist in creating new pathways for releasing negative behaviors and thought processes. 

My work with the Effiji Breath Technique is about using these tools to navigate the modern human experience. I am able to see and understand the unique physical, mental, and emotional layers that construct one’s soul and how to find fluidity and alignment so your full potential can be realized. 

From Louisville, Kentucky, to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, I have led workshops for all ages, genders and backgrounds, in the art of healing through BreathWork, penetrating feedback, Karma Clearing and more.


Phone: 415-383-2645

Email:  effijibreath@gmail.com

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