Evidence vs. What Works

When I was growing up, I felt different in relation to almost everything around me. I was full of love and interested in connection. But even as a child, I felt like I was a foreigner in a foreign land. Kids picking on other kids hurt me. I’m sure most of you healers out there have wondered what this ‘Earth thing’ was about. Violence, sex abuse, parents, teachers, and adults who controlled, but didn’t listen. Just discrimination on every side at every level.

What does someone have to do to share their heart and be loved by their fellow humans?

I remember questioning the validity of war and revenge in a high school history class and being dismissed as an idiot. When I arrived into my spiritual life, I was about 22. It was the 1980’s and it was clear to me that what was acceptable as how the world worked was based on what had already been sold and conditioned to others. I was a songwriter just before I discovered the BreathWork at 26. I wrote songs about how asleep and wrong it all was. I knew nothing about India, saints or gurus but I wrote a song called “Sleepy People Wake Up!”.

Back then you needed evidence, science and facts to have another human being be open to anything new. I clearly had experiences that defied what I was told was fact. Even now, in many ways, the external world still feels foreign like a prison for addicts, but I can see a monumental change in what is considered acceptable which leads me back to why I keep saying BreathWork’s time has come.

People struggle with the cultural conditioning which seems to have nothing to do with the modern times we are in. Do we need more babies, money, resources, jobs and border security? Or, do we need truth, surrender and the wisdom to execute our soul’s potential?

We live in fear despite the most advanced technology imaginable. The truth according to male patriarchy delivered by government, big pharma, and all media outlets is being delivered by humans who agree to dispense this low-level nonsense. We argue about the lies, but we live those lies ourselves. We accept so much untruth every minute of the day when we are talking to other people. Do we even know what our moral code really is? Even changes in gender equality come along with a lot of blaming and lack of true transparency as to how we all play our part. But again, there is that sprout of consciousness coming from us that knows we have outlived tribalism, religion, and cultural programming. We have outgrown Western medicine as the only science, entertainers as gurus, politicians as humanitarians and religion as spirituality.

What is exciting is that we are moving from science and evidence based to “what works”. I see that if something works, people don’t care about the science. People don’t need as much “proof” that comes from their conditioning if they can feel better. I am so grateful to be part of this.

For me, being a bumbling mystic searching for truth, I never seemed to get my facts straight enough to talk to people who needed convincing. When my breath teacher had studies done on BreathWork I didn’t read them. I forget facts as if I wasn’t meant to be the one who was supposed to convince people who weren’t open that they should be. What I picked up on were the state of the people who challenged me and usually, at the time, I didn’t have anything convincing to say. I then spent many many years growing up and developing my craft and my message. When I was good enough to argue, I had no interest in it.

The amazing thing is that the people who are interested in BreathWork are not the New-Agers or the dogmatic world that sprouted from the sixties ethos. It is sincere people without a background in spirituality that found out about their own spirituality before ever having to join a cult and adopting a belief system

BreathWork is a challenge. It’s difficult and you have to have courage to do it more than once. If you do it right, though, it will scare you and you will change in only one hour.

But here’s the value in it. It works. If you want change you don’t need science or evidence. Just do it as it’s instructed and you will encounter your soul and everything that is false in between you and your soul.

As people encounter BreathWork, most certainly how we do it at EFFIJI BREATH, they will see it works and they don’t need to give up their individuality, join another belief system, or worship another personality.