Immersive Experiences



Effiji Breathwork is only one dimension of the system of personal development we offer. Not only do we work with the breath and the energetic body, but also the physical and spiritual bodies. In our immersive workshops we share this system on a deeper, more profound level.


The sole purpose of the breathwork inside our programs is to awaken you to your true SELF and re-pattern your body, heart and mind to be in alignment with that SELF. It is a tool to break up the density in your physical and energetic body so that you may flow more freely.

Effiji Breathwork

We use internal martial arts practices to train the energy that we’ve unlocked using the breathwork. Movement practices allow for the body to become a structure in which the energy can flow through.

Energetic Movement

Spiritual practice is an esoteric dive into the soul-body. We use Sufi chanting practices to address very specific needs to transform on a soul level. These practices are another way to get out of the mind and into the energetic field of your existence.

Spiritual Practice

Guidance is imperative for growth. We use the reflecting mechanism to push your potential forward. It’s a way to see yourself from a different perspective so that you can work with what is in your blind spot.

Insight Guidance Feedback



May 30 · 12pm – 4pm EST

In this mini-event, we will mimic our Weekend Intensives in the virtual space of a Zoom Call. We will begin with Elijah will guiding you in a movement practice. From there, we will set up for the breath. Elijah will play the music through his studio and it will come through the airwaves of your computer, tablet or phone. (Earphones are useful tools!) After the breath is complete, there will be time for sharing about the experience with guidance from Elijah and Sarah.

Once registered, a link will be emailed to you for logging in at the time of the event.

**The intensive is for those that have attended an Effiji Breath Session in the past.**

May 30 @ 12:00 pm



May 30 – June 25

In this 4 week series, you’ll get first hand experience with an on-going process inside the system of Effiji. Not only do you get to experience the power of the breath inside a container that creates context and integration from your experience, but you’ll get enveloped into the Effiji community where you’ll hear and grow from the collective transformation.


4 Virtual Effiji Breath Sessions – Mondays at 1pm EST or Wednesdays at 6:30pm EST (Starting June 1 – June 24)
4 Group Zoom calls for sharing and processing, led by an Effiji Breath Facilitator (June 4, 11, 18, & 25 at 6:30pm EST)

Effiji Mini Intensive +

May 30 @ 12:00 pm



Elijah Nisenboim, founder of Effiji Breath, and Sarah Charmoli, Director of Operations and Master Effiji Breath Facilitator, will be guiding you through the experience.

They have worked together, side by side, for the past 7+ years. Their unwavering support for the Effiji community and continual development of the Effiji Breath system of self-transformation is unmatched in the online marketplace.