New to Breathwork




Effiji Breath is the most potent, effective and simple technique for healing and revitalizing your strength, joy and life purpose. 

During an Effiji Breath Class you will use an ancient technique of breathing to access a part of yourself that isn’t apparent or easy to get to superficially; it is the heart of your inner world, your SOUL self. 

The breath will take you on a journey inside yourself that you’ve never been on before. Guided by conscious facilitators, you will use your breath to activate the energetic freeways of the body, and allow you to see where you may be holding trauma, bad habits, negative thought patterns and any obstacles to your potential. 

In the ceremonious space of the breath, you will restore proper alignment, find ecstatic energetic flow and begin to reside in the sanctuary of your purposeful life.


Effiji Breath is a mouth breathing technique that focuses on a full inhale, in the heart space of the chest, and done for one hour. That’s the guts of the technique. It’s that simple. 

Every single person’s experience is completely unique and each time you do it, it’s different. As you take in each breath, the body begins to open and you will experience a wide array of body sensations, emotions, and thoughts. The energy rises and moves quickly. 

Effiji Breath Music is played to enhance and pace the experience. Your facilitator is there to hold the space and provide safe touch, expediting the healing process. 

After the technique is completed, there is a rest period that allows the body to integrate the energy. The facilitator will then guide you back and open up the group to conversation, sharing and feedback.



As soon as you sign up for an Effiji Breath Class, your experience begins. Do your best to be open with yourself about what you think and feel and bring it into the room. 

What to wear? 

Comfortable clothes are nice, but not required. Come as you are. 

What to bring? 

Bring a mat, blanket, pillow and water. Anything you will need to be comfortable lying on the floor during the session. Sometimes, but not always, your facilitator will provide these things for you.


We’re looking forward to seeing you. Whether it’s your first experience or you’re a seasonal Effiji Breather, we’re ready for you. 

Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before the class begins to meet your facilitator and set up your space for the class. 

If you’ve prepaid, check in upon your arrival. If you have not paid in advance, let the facilitator know and take care of payment before the class begins. 

Drop-ins are almost always welcome. 

Be sure to sign in and sign the release and waiver, if you haven’t already done so in your online registration.


Effiji Breath is an intense experience. Let us be direct; to get where you want to go, you have to work for it. We encourage everyone to come and try the technique as suggested. Enjoy the experiment! 

The facilitator will take time at the beginning of the class to describe and demonstrate the technique. There will also be time to answer any questions that may arise. It’s a conversation where everyone is encouraged to participate. 

The technique itself will last an hour. You will be guided the whole way through.


The space

The spaces we use for our classes are ever-changing. You may find yourself in someone’s living room, a yoga studio, a museum, a healing center, or maybe even a backyard patio. Come prepared and open-hearted and you’ll be sure to have a mind-blowing experience. 

Additional instructions

You will lie on your back in a relaxed position for the whole time, but If you need to modify the position, let your facilitator know and they will help you to find something more comfortable for your circumstances. Don’t let laying on the ground stop you from attending the class. There are always other options.

Let go!

The Effiji Breath technique is a key to freeing yourself from your resistance. If you breathe into what you resist, your life cannot but change-for the better and for good.


Once the hour of practice is complete, your facilitator will instruct you to ‘go back to your regular breath’. At this point, you’ll want to rest and stay in your internal space, taking time for resting and integrating the experience into your body. The facilitator will be there to guide you in and out of this portion of the session.


Our Facilitators are complete people with unique gifts that they bring the to sacred healing space of every class. They, like you, are special, have soul purpose, and are ready to share this work with you in a safe and nurturing environment.

At Effiji, everyone leads with their own experience. Personal development is at the core of every facilitatorss leadership. Every facilitator has been through (at least) a year-long certification program under the guidance of Elijah Nisenboim and Sarah Charmoli.


We work in a group because, like life, we all have our individual experiences, whilst inevitably being connected to others. We feed and care and grow ourselves and in return the group is fed and grows.