Outsourcing Your Work to Foreign Entities

What we like to do here in America is find a foreign entity that will do the work that we don’t want to do.

It is a perfect metaphor for the entitlement of American culture. We will pay to have someone else do our work as if our money can buy us freedom. When I meet people in China they see our abundance and relation to money as our spirituality, the same way we see Hindu and Chinese writing and think it’s spiritual.

Another form of outsourcing happens with our emotional experiences. We blame and punish people as if someone is responsible for how we feel. We say “Look at what you are doing to me!” and our real message is “You be angry because I don’t want to be seen that way and then I can blame you instead of holding myself accountable”.

The word blame means to hold accountable. And yes, there are many instances that someone should be held accountable. But how quick we are to do that with others, and not so quickly, or as often, with ourselves.

The problem with blame is we do it before we have held ourselves accountable.

Anger is the main emotion we outsource. When we don’t own our own experiences, our soul will project that un-owned feeling onto the movie of our lives and find someone else to do it for us. Then, when that person gets angry we will say “I’m not angry! You are the one that is angry!” That is what it means to outsource our anger to a foreign entity.

The idea of something foreign implies something outside of yourself. But if it is your consciousness projecting the movie of your life on a screen that you are looking at, then there can’t be an outside.*

When you own what you see externally, through your eyes, as your creation, you become free to create whatever you want instead of repeating all of the things you denied.

How can you do this simply and easily?


EFFIJI BREATH is a technique that will put you in a direct relationship with the part of you that creates your experience and will allow you to see which parts you are outsourcing to others through the lack of ownership of your feelings.

Within 5 minutes, the breath will light up your unconscious world and move repressed experiences.

* Check out our other blog post, which explores projection: The Three Minds.