The Weekend Intensive is open to those that are Effiji Breath Facilitators, those in the Facilitator Certification Program or Personal Development Program, and those that have attended 2 or less Intensives in the past. 


The Effiji Breath Weekend Intensive is a dynamic workshop using the Effiji Breath Technique, Qigong, Tai Chi, and deep, penetrating feedback to help you to move in the right direction towards fulfilling your life's purpose. The process is intense and will move your energy and unblock obstacles that may be in your way. 

The Intensive is also specific and unique to you. Each person will have their own clear journey with intention. Everyone's process is tailored to their specific needs. The immersive nature of the Weekend Intensive will allow you to dive into your inner world and investigate your patterns, limiting behaviors, traumas, physical and mental blocks, and give you the opportunity to clear the path so you can live more fully in your purpose. 





New York · February 21- 23, 2020



    By registering for this Effiji event, you agree to the following : 




    I agree to participate in all of the activities listed on the 2018 Efffi Breath Weekend Intensive description in its entirety. If I need to miss any scheduled activity or event, I will discuss this with Elijah either prior to signing the contract or as soon as I become aware of the conflict. Since certification requires full participation in all aspects of the certification program, I understand and acknowledge that missing time may affect certification. Variances from the Program will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


    I agree that I will not ingest any type of mind or body altering substances; such as narcotics, marijuana and/or alcohol during any Effiji program or event. Doing so will result in an immediate dismissal from the program with no refund or credit.


    Confidentiality within the group setting is absolutely essential to success. Any sharing or gossiping outside the group is prohibited, and may be cause for dismissal from the Program with no refund or credit.


    Video, audio and still photos will be used as learning and teaching tools. I agree and understand that my voice and/or image may be captured for the sole purpose of use within the Program. I give my consent for still photos containing my image to be used for promotional purposes.


    I understand and agree that the full cost for this Effiji Breath event is due, payable, and upon signing this agreement, and is non- refundable under any circumstances. I am bound to fulfill my entire financial obligation, regardless of my participation, attendance or successful completion of the program.


    I agree that all terms of this contract will be governed and interpreted solely and exclusively by the laws of the State of California.




    Please read carefully and understand fully your agreement to participate in the effiji breath Weekend Intensive program. I understand that this type of breath work entails prolonged hyperventilation and other physically demanding activities. In consideration for being permitted to participate in this activity, i agree to the following:


    1. Assumption of Risk - I represent that I am physically sound and am not taking any medication or other substance, prescription or otherwise, which will interfere with my participation in this activity. I freely and voluntarily choose to assume all risks associated with, or which may result from, participating in the Effiji Breath Technique.


    2. Release of Liability - I agree, for myself and my heirs, to fully and forever discharge, Elijah Nisenboim, Sarah Charmoli and Effiji from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatever whether known or unknown based upon any injury whether caused by negligence or for any other reason, on the account of, or in any way resulting from, personal injury to myself, in any way connected with my participation in the Effiji Breath Class.


    3. Covenant Not to Sue - I agree, for myself and my heirs, not to sue Elijah Nisenboim, Sarah Charmoli and Effiji, nor to initiate or assist in the prosecution of any claim for damages or cause of action which I or my heirs may have by reason of personal injury arising from my participation in the Effiji Breath Technique. I hereby acknowledge that I have fully read each of the above Provisions and fully understand and agree with each provision. I have read the Effiji release and waiver of liability agreement and my signature below serves as my agreement to those terms. I hereby acknowledge that i have fully read each of the above provisions and fully understand and agree with each provision.


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