The human journey is a process of experiencing and interpreting these experiences for the sole purpose of returning to the natural state of being whole. 


Your roots are your unconscious, that store the experiences carried forward from all of your lifetimes. The condition of these roots is reflected in every single aspect of your life; your attitude, behavior, physical health and life circumstances. The purpose of this book is to help you to look deeply into your roots and heal that which has caused the recurring problems in relationships, finances, health and spirituality. 


The awakened teachings that came from the great saints and mystics like Jesus, Buddha and Mohamed, were given to people when the pace of life was much slower. In their time, these enlightened masters and their teachings were available to very few. Now we can search for wisdom in an instant on the internet and find guides, classes, workshops and trainings in practically every city and town. While choice and information is endless, it is still a challenge to find spiritual answers that fit modern life and to see clearly, make healthy choices and be our real selves in every situation and in every relationship. 


In undertaking the writing of this book, my aim was to explain in simple terms how the process of healing and awakening really works and to help you achieve both. To do this I divide this book into two parts. The first part which is where the book refers to the first stage of healing, is the intellectual process of understanding and seeing clearly what you are truly dealing with when you suffer. The second part which is the second, third and fourth stage of healing, teaches you about making contact with injuries and how to heal them.


In the intellectual process of viewing life’s problems, the words we use to describe them are often employed in a way that creates or suggests a totally different meaning, producing a false interpretation of the problem. For ex¬ample, when we say “this is painful,” we might, in fact be saying “I don’t like this experience and I reject it.” In using the word painful, we unconsciously encode our interpretation with negative judgments denying the value of our experiences. We may also find ourselves creating actual physical pain within the body. It is common to misuse words like mistake, discipline, guilt, victim and suffering. My intention is to give you a new vocabulary to use in processing your feelings, one which will put you on the path to successful healing. By examining the definitions of the words you may have used in the past, I will show you how your subconscious may have used them against you. You will then discover how to use those words and perhaps some that will be new to you to help you on your journey. 


If you planted a seed while unconsciously thinking, “this seed will never sprout” or “this won’t turn out to be a healthy plant,” you would be, in effect, setting this as your goal. As humans, our unconscious perception and beliefs about life itself are our roots. They create the plant you see above the ground in the form of the experiences of your life. Before leaves, flowers, and fruit will appear, healthy roots are needed. Your inner world is your foundation, where your life begins. 

Imagine every time you went to a restaurant you ordered a salad and when it arrived you sent it back saying, “I didn’t order this!” Each life experience is what you have ordered. 


Unless you recognize that you have made this choice, this is indeed your order, the waiter will deliver the salad but you will never receive the benefit of the meal (the experience) unless you accept it. Without that acceptance you will continue to invoke other waiters in your life delivering the experience.


After seeing clearly what you have created, the next step is to discover how to heal the root cause of your suffering. It is my intention to help you learn to heal suffering without negating your responsibility in having created your distress. 


As you explore the simple yet life changing ideas presented in this book, you will begin to uncover your hidden patterns, and learn how to create healthier and stronger roots. You will begin to flourish as the person you were naturally meant to be....

What's In Your Roots? Making the Unconscious Conscious


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