Projection and the Art of Creating Your Own Reality

I’d like to share with you what it’s like to help others out of their false creations by taking on the creation of being their teacher. Hang on though, that may be confusing. I’ll explain.

The external world is a projection. Your consciousness inside you is projected out by your soul at the moment of birth. At birth, your inside splits into two; an inside and an outside.

Just for a moment, close your eyes and take a breath. Ask yourself; where is the outside?

Where do you hear, smell and feel? It is inside you. It is only when you open your eyes that you see an outside. The outside only exists in the eyes and the mind. They are tied together, each one with its own unique power. While your inside is the creator, you cannot lie in the middle of the road saying to yourself, ‘I create my own reality’. Yet, many of us have examples of how thought and intention become our reality in the external world.

The important part for the purpose of your growth, is that you become aware that you have forgotten you are the creator. You are not just the actor in the movie of your life.

I have a saying; If it’s in your life, it’s in you.

Why do we forget this? Because we are here to play the game for real so we must identify with the part we are playing. It begins with your first breath, where your inside becomes your outside; your internal becomes your external. Experiences happen which create impressions on you. The next step is that you are “impressed” and identify with the impression. That becomes your identity.

You spend your life trying to achieve something, to get somewhere, to arrive at success. You play the game by making an effort in many different ways to arrive at your desired result, but often times you feel you can’t because the same obstacles happen over and over. Thus begins your spiritual path. You want to change.

The only way out is to go back and see what you have created. This takes work and where a third party like a therapist, coach, and spiritual teacher can help you see your false creations.

Guides have the unusual role in your movie of being the one to help you to remember your real self. Guiding you back to your real self is an art form, there is no formula. The guide has to speak to you where he/she thinks you are and help you to remember your true self. The guide, too, is doing that same work on themselves whether in their personal life or when they are helping you. The challenge comes as the guide starts to interrupt your patterns and resistance to change arises as a by-product. There will be an unconscious pattern to create the helper person, the guide, according to the relationship dynamics you are familiar with from your past. It is your unconscious programming that will hold you back in the first place and it is that very programming that will arise with your guide as part of the work.

In my own experience, I see that the most common projection is to have an unconscious expectation that the guide (me) is perfect and will tell you how to live so you won’t suffer. In my case, being a man, I am immediately, automatically, and unconsciously seen as a father archetype. You can create the father as the protector, provider and caretaker and/or a violator, punisher, and abandoner.

Spiritual teacher/student relationships are part of the illusion of the external world. We create it and identify with it. In order for you to believe I can help you, you have to project some special power onto me in order to let me help you. And I agree to be that person… for a while. It’s a temporary role-playing that is necessary to transform the patterns.  We both invest in it in order to create change. But if either one of us identifies too much with our position, there will be many problems related to unmet, unspoken expectation.

For me, taking on the role of spiritual teacher/guide is more like being a fellow student. I am making art of my activities. It’s not a power game. My work and my message are living art and I am seeking your audience and participation in the creation of the art. Every person I work with will go through a process that is unique to the both of us. It is neither a relationship of control, power, sex and money, or a one-way relationship of devotion and worship. We are both participating in this living mystery.

If I was a comic you’d expect me to be funny. As a spiritual guide, I do need to provide insight and wisdom, and avoid any position of superiority. Helping people is an art form not a hierarchy. It is also not a popularity contest. For every creative person who ends up in the public eye, there is a desire to make art and have the public applaud us instead of throwing tomatoes. Like any artist, we need an outlet and audience for what we do, but can’t rely on being popular to drive our creative process.

The world of being in the public can be exhausting because of the unconscious projection. So many teachers I know are hermits who create an inner circle because of how much energy it takes to have others expecting them to know all the answers and behave perfectly. Maybe you can relate through family expectation or your romantic partner. You must know how tiring it is to be talking to someone who isn’t seeing you or who you are no matter what you say or how you act. The trick isn’t to complain but learn what you are creating and how to stay authentic in this test.

When you go to get help, know that lurking in your background will be mother or father wounds that you will want your teacher to fulfill. You might love them at first and see them as Gods, like you did when you were born. Eventually they will disappoint you and you will grow up and realize you have to take responsibility for your life. Don’t stop there, realize you have to take responsibility for what you are creating and still allow yourself to be vulnerable to anyone who can bring you closer to God. You have to do the work but you can’t do it alone. As Rumi said, “The two day journey takes 2000 years without a guide”.

To work on yourself spiritually is to see that the world outside that you are grappling with is actually inside you. If you hire a teacher or guide to help you see yourself more clearly, they too will be a reflection of something inside you.