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Effiji Breath Facilitators will not use any drugs when facilitating Effiji Breath.

Effiji Breath Facilitators agree that they will not engage in any sexual conduct with people during an Effiji Breath session or class. Personal relationships with people will be put aside and explored outside of giving an Effiji Breath.

Effiji Breath Facilitators agree to use the Effiji Breath logo on all advertising.

Effiji Breath Facilitators agree to give either 15 Effiji Breath Sessions + pay a certificate fee or give 25 Effiji Breath Sessions within one year in order to maintain certification.

Effiji Breath Facilitators will keep a log of all Effiji Breath Sessions that are given.

Effiji Breath Facilitators agree to return to an Effiji Breath Weekend Intensive within every 12 month period after receiving certification.

Effiji Breath Facilitators will host Effiji Breath events only with persons who are certified in Effiji Breath.

Effiji Breath Facilitators will not alter the technique from its original form. 

Effiji Breath Facilitators are required to get permission to use Effiji Breath in conjunction with other techniques under the name Effiji Breath. 

Effiji Breath Facilitators agree to breathe with an Effiji Breath facilitator at least once a month. 

Effiji Breath Facilitators will not use cell phones for unrelated purposes during Effiji Breath sessions.

All written material, audio and video is property of Effiji Breath. There is no reproducing, downloading or sharing materials allowed without express written permission from Effiji Breath and may only be used by certified Effiji Breath Facilitators.

Violation of any terms in this agreement will null and void a facilitators certification as an Effiji Breath Facilitator.





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