The 60’s Hippie Spirituality Is Over, the New Age Is Dead. What’s next?

The sixities hippie spirituality is over. Rock and Roll is finished. Eastern thought has already been here. If you’re not sure when it ended watch the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country, which documents Baghwan Shree Rajneesh’s commune during the 1980’s in Oregon.

I know all about this story from many angles, the main one being the man who taught me BreathWork, which later evolved into EFFIJI BREATH, was a Rajneeshee. The man who taught him the BreathWork was also a Rajneeshee. In fact, there is one scene in the movie where naked people are beating on each other in a padded room. The man that taught him and my teacher are in that scene, one as a teacher and the other as participant.

The new age movement, which began in the eighties, is also over. Metaphysical bookstores and crystal shops are becoming relics. Even Yoga, which became the new Christianity by ordaining many priests and having a church in every neighborhood, has hit its zenith and is no longer a thing.

Technology, which has advanced so quickly, has completely changed the landscape. We are now so aware and interconnected, yet the same search for spiritual truth and awakening remains. How amazing it is to have all this advanced technology and yet still use it in the same primitive ways we always have. The military now kills people for the same barbaric reasons but the way they do it is miraculous. We mostly use our phones as a distraction to what we feel. Are we connecting more or less? It’s hard to tell.

The future of spirituality is BreathWork. Why? Because it is not teacher centered, it doesn’t require a smart mind, spiritual development, religious training or any special clothes or movements. It’s just the power of the breath which is something you do EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE!

Breath is life as we say at EFFIJI. There is nothing more fundamental than your breath. If you breathe you will make the bridge between body and soul. You will know your higher self. From there you can begin to fulfill your life’s potential.

The sixties and the new age over. We need to balance transcendence with earthly accomplishment, freedom with structure, and passion with integrity.