The End of Tribalism and the Rise of BreathWork

The word cult has the same etymological roots as culture and cultivate which refers to something you tend to, guard or to till. Where culture is the behaviors and beliefs of a group; we think of a cult as something negative when it’s just the rituals and beliefs of a group.

The trouble we are having now is that the world is connected and the need to stay to your tribe and its way of life is really unnecessary in the same way that we don’t need to have sex to keep our species alive.

With culture comes conditioned thinking designed to protect your group. The negative connotation of a cult comes from the idea that someone’s else’s rituals that are different than your tribe and are therefore a threat.

The world up until very recently, was based on tribes and rituals. The reasons are out of fear and survival. We humans have only been a step above animals.

With technology and basic education, our interconnectedness and awareness that we are all on the same planet with the same air and finite resources; we no longer need to live to a tribe with a set of beliefs. We actually have no real need to add more people to the planet.

The opportunity for humans is to discover and live in our potential. It is not to adapt to an old accepted belief. Do you even have beliefs at all? Belief means opinion or conviction. Do I have to believe in gravity for it to work? Belief is the basis of religion which is the basis for controlling and conditioning people to act the same as everyone else.

We don’t have to just think about surviving and protecting ourselves; but what of our spiritual nature can we embody and integrate into our lives.

It is for this reason that cults, culture and tribalism can give way to individuality. Not individuality separate from others, but co-existing in an eco-system where we have awareness to both our own uniqueness and how to serve the collective. The collective being everyone not just one group with one set of beliefs.

It is for this reason that BreathWork sits so perfectly in the potential of each person waking up to their individuality and its use to the whole. BreathWork doesn’t suggest a set of beliefs, movements to follow, rituals to practice or outfits to wear. The only real purpose of the mind is to focus on the breath and from there you will come into contact with your true self AND all the tribal cultural programming that has impeded your connection to it.

There is nothing to believe. If you work with your breath the way we do it at EFFIJI BREATH you will come in contact with your true self and everything about you that is conditioned and in the way to becoming your true self.