The Simple Key to Health: Acceptance

Step 1: Breathe into Resistance

Step 2: Acceptance

The practice of Breath Work and the reason why it works, are both remarkably uncomplicated. So much so that anyone can heal themselves through their breath if they want to do the work.

Breath is life and if you breathe without resistance or tension you will also live without resistance or tension. Both breath and life are in constant movement and change. Disease, illness and death are static and unchanging.

If you can infuse the life-giving qualities of the breath into your body, especially where it lacks flexibility and movement, you will be well in both body and mind because the body is the physical manifestation of the mind and the mind a physical manifestation of the body. If the mind is negative, it will show an exact reflection in the form of various tensions and problems in the body.

It is not complicated. Breath is life. If you breathe you will have more life.

I once had a voice teacher who said “an emotion will only last 20 breaths unless you hold onto it”.

If you can relax and allow the breath into every cell of your being, then you are taking in life itself in the form of chi or energy. Doing this is not so easy because resistance inside a person is unconscious and not changed just because you consciously say you want it to change. You have to have some way to encounter the resistance directly in order to change it. You cannot release tension if you are unwilling to see and feel it first.

The breath is the tool to encounter your resistance. It is the weapon you can use to break past your unconscious barriers that are holding you back.

Since breath is life and resistance is death, then the only way to recover one’s mental and physical health is by letting go of resistance. When you start to breathe during an Effiji Breath Work session and you encounter resistance, the first job is to breathe into the resistance and the second job is to accept what happens.

The power of Breath Work is ACCEPTANCE. Practiced correctly, you will have a direct encounter with your unconscious resistance and the opportunity to release it and experience your higher self.

What separates serious people on the personal growth path from those that simply want happy, good and transcendent experiences is the willingness to do the work (breathe into the resistance) and feel (accept) what happens when you do.