The Three Minds

Consider that there are 3 minds. An animal mind that, in fear, has the instinct to survive like when you are crossing the street and are avoiding traffic. The second mind is a linear mind which is constantly witnessing, processing and interpreting one’s life’s experiences. It is working beyond survival but is trying to make your life better. This is the mind that is most inaccurate and used for all the wrong reasons but I’ll get to that in a moment. The third mind is not even really a mind but more how the higher self or soul communicates how to live by bringing thoughts into your consciousness. Those thoughts are always based in universal truths. 

It is the nature of the problematic linear mind to identify with what it sees and assess and interpret the experience based on that. It’s ambassador are the eyes which do the same thing; look and see the outside. This is where the term projection comes from. Your consciousness projects life or reality from itself and the eyes and mind  have no awareness that it is projecting. This is what is faulty about it. If you don’t know that you are neither the projector or what is on the screen your interpretation will be missing this fundamental truth about what is happening. 

This idea of a projection comes from the era of the movie projector which sends a picture onto a screen. You, being soul in your human experience don’t realize that you are the projector and then start to identify with the movie you are watching even though you created it. 

The problem is simple. If you don’t know something is your creatION then you will spend a lot of time on what you see on the screen and no time on seeing what you are creating. Undoubtedly you will blame the outside for what you are experiencing inside the movie. 

Lets also differentiate between someone who is trying to “take responsibility” for their part in things but still doesn’t see that they are the creator. They are still blaming. But they are blaming themselves instead of others.

The power and value of BreathWork is that it lights up the creator of the movie just by by breathing. Since breath is life, it shows what is there inside you even though all you are doing is laying there and breathing. There is no doubt that you are the creator because there is literally nothing going on outside of yourself. The facilitators job is to help you to be safe enough to experience the whole of what is there and thereby taking responsibility that is your creation, not someone else’s fault.

When you, the breather, can do this, the energy can move and you can create better movies with better outcomes.