The Trick Is To Keep Breathing

By : Jim Catapano · Shut Up & Yoga ·

JIM CATAPANO has been attending Effiji Breath Classes since January 2018. His insight and words truly reflect the essence of the practice and the benefits one can hope to achieve. Jim is a friend of Effiji and a true seeker on the spiritual path. Click the image below to read his full article on Shut Up & Yoga.

Jim’s bio : Jim Catapano is a writer, editor, actor, musician and yogi from New York City. He has written over 400 published articles about yoga, fitness, health and pop culture. He also acts in off-Broadway theatre and performs regularly as a drummer in both rock and cabaret.

Click the image to read the article on Shut Up & Yoga

“I was breathing as I had literally never breathed before, taking quick, deep lungfuls of air and then pushing it right out, in an exercise I can only describe as controlled, voluntary hyperventilating. Yogis might compare it to Bhastrika breath, except that it is done for over an hour.

After about 15 minutes my breathing slowed; the intensity of the experience had begun to unsettle me slightly. My body felt immobile, and the fluctuations of my mind, for perhaps the first time in my whole life, had completely ceased. I had “laid down all thoughts and surrendered to the void,” as the Beatles sang, paraphrasing the Tibetan Book of the Dead. That was scary but also amazing, and I recognized that quieting my monkey mind was exactly what I was hoping for from the experience.”???? ???? Read Jim’s account of trying Effiji Breath Technique for the first time to learn what it is, its origins, and how breathing in groups can help our communities.