Transform Without Selling Out

A movement shifts and alters the consciousness of a culture. It changes the way people perceive themselves and the world around them, not in a small way but in a way that the world will never be the same.

While there may be a founder or leader to a movement, the power lies in the timing and purpose of the movement. It catches on because people unconsciously agree to make the shift at the same time.

We live in a time where there is a mass interest in personal growth. When Eastern spirituality came over to the West in the sixties, there was still a whole generation of people against it. It was only the young people that were interested in it. There was a battle between the older generation and the younger. As in all new things there was also a lot of naivete to it. Free love, counter culture, and Eastern spirituality all perceived through naive lenses of young Westerners trying to break free of their parents generation. See the documentary “Wild Wild Country” to watch how the sixties counter culture ended. The next personal growth movement, the so called “new age” movement emphasized transcendence without having a way to integrate into society.

I began my journey as a helper in 1990 when someone shared BreathWork with me. Over the years the audience became more secular people, with more conservative men joining in. In 2008 after the financial collapse and slowly every year following, I noticed a huge change in who was seeking and why. One could feel the tide turning toward so called “normal” people re-tooling their lives to understand themselves and make ends meet. That is still going on. Now almost every marker for how to live has been turned upside down. People are asking deeper questions because of the crisis of living in old conditioning while needing to change the purpose of one’s life .

Here in 2018 it is so widely acceptable for a man in a corporate job to go on an ayachausca journey, for straight people to do yoga, doctors to explore Chinese medicine, for meat eaters to look into plant based foods. A combination of less 9-5 living, harder work for less pay, spiritual festivals, the proliferation of self-help books and every type of somatic therapy imaginable has led many people to training and learning about personal growth and spirituality.

There is, however, nothing quite like the power of BreathWork or at least the way we do EFFIJI BREATHWORK.

BreathWork is slowly gaining attention and traction in the culture of people seeking higher consciousness. I predict it will be the next big thing because people are looking for a way that doesn’t require them to join a belief system, wear special clothes or live in a tribal mind think. BreathWork is simple and direct because your breath is your life. Even children can do it.

EFFIJI BREATHWORK emphasizes getting past the nature of the mind to protect prior trauma at all costs. It’s confrontational nature to the protection of these traumas is why there is nothing quite like it. It’s so direct within moments of beginning the practice. There is essentially no escape from having a potent lasting transformational experience as long as you do it correctly.

There is no external influence like a drug. There is no side effect. There is nothing to know. You are just back to who you really are which is what you need to navigate this world that you were meant to fulfill yourself in.

Mark your calenders! BreathWork will be on everyone’s tongue soon and it will be a movement perfectly synced up with the speed and power of change that we are now under.