Why Effiji is the BreathWork Practice You Need to Try

Your breath is your life. It is the first thing you do when you are born and the last thing you will do before you die. It is the power of life itself. Every breath you take is your life’s potential looking to be actualized. All breath practices provide this opportunity, however with varying degrees of potency.

BreathWork is becoming a mainstream term like mindfulness and meditation but it’s a generic term. Any conscious use of your breath could be called BreathWork. There are multitudes of breath practices from many lineages that go back thousands of years. The most popular is Pranayama breathing. EFFIJI BREATH comes from the mouth breathing tradition whose origins date back 5000 years to India. Even within the mouth breathing style, there are dozens of variations, lineages, teachers and ideologies. I began doing this style in 1990 and have seen and experienced most of the techniques. I experimented with mouth-breathing BreathWork practices for 10 years, giving thousands of sessions and doing it myself hundreds of times before arriving at what I branded “Effiji” in 2001.

I continue to share EFFIJI BREATH with tremendous passion and love because of how effective it is. While it is not my intention to boast, I have had multitudes of people tell me it is one of the most profound and potent experiences of their whole life. “Mind blowing”, “life changing” and “quantum shifts” are comments people make after every class. I am also told consistently by people coming from other teachers and techniques that Effiji is far more effective and powerful.

There are a lot of ingredients that make up the uniqueness of EFFIJI BREATH, from its philosophy, to the certification program, and ultimately the quality of our facilitators. Our facilitators are intuitive, intelligent people, with wisdom, clarity and integrity. They are trained to put you in touch with the most concentrated form of unconditional love you have ever experienced.

Different than other methods, our facilitators involve themselves in your personal process shifting the focus from the high of doing it – to using it to improve your life.

The philosophy of EFFIJI BREATH is simple, if you can get past the control of the mind, you will free up vast stores of unlimited energy. Let me explain.

All of your unprocessed and unhealed experiences of the past are stored in the mind as patterns, programs, and defense mechanisms, and in the body as cellular memory. All of that negative self talk, anger, judgment, fears of failure and abandonment are just programs buried deep down in the unconscious. EFFIJI BREATH clears out these programs, forever, even when there is deep hidden resistance to releasing them.

EFFIJI BREATH focuses first and foremost on breathing into the heart. By applying your will to breathe into your heart center, The drama of the mind is bypassed, taking you to your core essence.

It is guaranteed to take you to transcendent states usually reserved for people who take drugs and plant medicines. The empowerment doesn’t come from something outside of you, it comes from your effort, and is done with the only thing you need to live; your breath. There are no side effects either. This is why thousands of people who have tried EFFIJI BREATH say it is the most powerful experience they have ever had. It is why so many people decide to become certified and choose EFFIJI BREATH over other types of BreathWork.

EFFIJI BREATH requires no physical movement exercises or religious training. You don’t have to be “spiritual”, in fact, bring your skeptical, evidence-based agnostic self and lay down and do it. At the end you will feel lighter, freer, and clearer, with no stress or anxiety whatsoever. It is not physically difficult either. You are laying down in a relaxed way, so age, weight, and health will not prevent you from attending. You can be a smoker, on meds, out of shape, or undisciplined and gain benefit on your first try.

I came up with the name Effiji because an “Effigy” is a mask that represents something else and the word “Ji” is a term of respect and endearment so EFFIJI is the loving way we lose the masks we wear revealing our true selves.

EFFIJI BREATH is the breath technique for our times and is accessible everyone. It is simple to learn, takes just an hour, and is remarkably effective at bringing your life potential into your reality.

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