Worry : The Denial of Your Desire

Worry, anxiety, self-criticism and guilt are essentially strategies that cover a person’s real experience.

They are acts of the mind used as a strategy to repress what you really want. This is why all of these states eventually lead to resentment toward others and then anger. Anger being the expression of creative energy when it’s blocked.

Did you know in Chinese there is only one word for both the heart and the mind? Xin (pronounced shin). This is because there really is no such thing as the mind in Eastern culture, only the direction of one’s thoughts. That direction, though, is governed by the heart. The mind is not a separate entity.

Our Western culture separates our sense of right and wrong from what exists in the heart. And this can only lead to anger. Again, anger being the expression of blocked creative energy.

Anger toward one’s self will show up as depression or an implosion and towards others as an explosion. Either way it is still the expression of not following the true desire in your heart.

Westerners use the mind to repress the heart.

When you are worrying or have anxiety, you are simply ignoring what you really desire in the moment and have created a mental strategy to deny your creative energy.

BreathWork is an effective tool to deal with this because it will simply destroy the false floor created by the mind that is sitting on top of your natural energy. Within ten to fifteen minutes of doing EFFIJI BREATH, the mental program will be bypassed and your real energy will come to the surface.

There is no real reason to contemplate or understand anything when you are doing it. If you breathe full, you will first arrive at a head-on collision with the resistance of the mind. Then you will meet your ego. Then the breath will allow you to let go of control and come to the knowing of your real energy. At that point it will become almost ridiculous that you ever worried in the first place.